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How to Fix VoIP Jitter? What Causes it

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Having problems with VoIP jitter during calls? Read this guide.

someone struggling with phone calls because of voip jitter

VoIP jitter during calls are not only unpleasant but can make you lose business and worsen your relationship with customers. This guide covers what can cause jitter and how to fix it.

VOIP call jitter depends mainly on 3 things:

  1. Network Congestion

  2. Hardware

  3. Software

Network Congestion

a congested network and a bad voip service will cause voip jitter and a voip jitter test can be done on the network

Network Congestion and VoIP Jitter relates to how many devices are connected to and using your wireless network at the same time. If you have a multitude of office computers, cellphones, and office phones all attempting to access the internet through one network there is likely to be connection degradation and jitter in your VOIP Calls.

upgrading your internet and network speeds through your telephony provider and improve VoIP service and VoIP Jitter

One solution is to increase your network bandwidth by upgrading your internet plan. This is most often the most expensive option because businesses usually do not know what services they are actually paying for and service providers take advantage of this to overcharge customers. Before upgrading your network make sure to audit your bill, either by googling all the terms on your bill or receiving a complimentary bill audit.


Outdated phone system and pbx technology will cause VoIP Jitter and upgrading to a VoIP Phone System will improve VoIP Call quality

Hardware is another reason jitter can occur. Wireless technology has changed greatly over the last 5 years and older phones have outdated modems that cause call jitter and slow connection. Modern office phones such as a Yealink Phone System have 5G Wifi modems that can connect to your wireless network through multiple access points and can switch to the fastest connection to avoid drops in call quality.


a softphone, VoIP, digital platform can improve VoIP jitter and VoIP call quality in general

Software is the last reason that could be causing jitter over a call. An old or badly constructed VoIP platform will result in lower connection quality and increased jitter. A modern VoIP platform will allow you to make calls through your desktop, your cellphone, or even your work phone. These platforms also provide higher connection quality and will optimize your calls to produce very little jitter. One of the most advanced VoIP platforms is Comet by BlinkVoice which allows calling on multiple platforms and provides features besides calling such as video conferencing and instant messaging.

If your business is experiencing problems with your VoIP calls, are frustrated with your provider, your phones, or your platform, call Blinkvoice today at 1-855-631-7848 or by visiting Blinkvoice.com.

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