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What is a SoftPhone? An In-Depth Guide

The perfect softphone platform supports Android, iPhone, Desktop, and Web Browsers all under one roof
Softphone for Android, iPhone, Desktop, and Web Browser

A softphone is a desktop or mobile application that allows users to make phone calls through the internet. By using an internet connection rather than a traditional phone line, a softphone is more flexible than a desk phone, has more robust features, and can save businesses a significant amount of money.

How Does a SoftPhone Work?

VOIP connects calls through the internet and makes softphone possible.

Softphone software takes advantage of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). VoIP technology enables an application to make phone calls from any device that has an internet connection.

Softphone applications are made for mobile and desktop devices and even work inside a web browser allowing much more flexibility than a desk phone.

Advantages of a Softphone

Softphone features include video conferencing, affordability, instant messaging, and more

Video Calls and Video Conferencing: Video calling capabilities are managed through a SoftPhone application, which enables your business to hold online meetings or improve customer outreach.

Softphone is Affordable: Because Softphone uses the internet connection your business already has to make phone calls, you no longer have to rely on a traditional phone service provider. By converting your office to a Softphone platform, like Comet, you can reduce the number of physical phone lines in use and save money in the process.

Instant Messaging and Chat: Softphone expands communication capabilities to texts and messages under one roof. With a softphone application, you can share files, videos, and documents with your whole team or a co-worker in one centralized channel. This method is more functional than having to check messages, emails, and links to find important information.

Company-Wide Contact List: A Softphone enables you to sync contacts with your whole business. This feature allows team members to quickly share client information with each other.

Easy Call Transfer: With a Softphone platform, team members no longer have to manage a large list of company extensions in order to transfer calls. Now, in order to make a call transfer all a team member has to do is find the co-worker’s profile they need to transfer to and drag and drop.

What do you need to install a SoftPhone?

A Softphone solution only needs a stable internet connection, a web capable device, and a service provider

There are some hardware requirements when considering a Softphone solution. The most important thing you should have is a stable internet connection to ensure the quality of the phone call on your end, as well as on the other users' side. Luckily, thanks to the popularity of broadband and fiber optic networks, stable, high-speed internet has become very affordable.

Next, you need a Softphone capable device. These devices include desktops, tablets, smartphones, and some VoIP capable office phones, and it is possible to use different Softphone applications between mobile, desktop, and office devices. A more convenient and affordable option are Unified Communications solutions, such as Comet, which have Softphone applications for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and web browsers under one platform.

Lastly, you need to contact a service provider to configure your business network to be compatible with VoIP and Softphone. This step is the easiest since most service providers will configure your network and deliver the softphone applications within a couple of days.

Bottom Line

A SoftPhone is a great aid to any business. Businesses usually see an increase in team efficiency and customer satisfaction, while being able to lower their monthly phone bill. If your business is ready to switch to a softphone solution call Blinkvoice today at 1-855-631-7848 or by visiting To quickly see how much you could be saving visit our savings calculator at

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