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Blink CEO's Attend 2020 Career Day

On March 6, 2020, Blink Voice CEO’s Filippo Bellia and Justin Euliano attended the Russell Sage Junior High School’s 2020 Career Day. This event was geared towards the 8th grade students in attempt to inspire and teach them all about the different types of job fields that are out there. The Blink Voice CEOs attended the fair to talk to the students about being entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEOs of a telecommunication company.

As the interest of entrepreneurship has been increasing amongst the younger generations, Bellia and Euliano feel it is their ongoing duty to make sure young students know exactly what resources they’ll need to be successful. They emphasized to these students that hard work and a drive to keep pushing are key elements to be successful, not only as an entrepreneur, but in any career field. “There are always going to be people who tell you what you should do, to try and infuse their own opinions into your life. Just remember to stick with your passions and ultimately, do what makes you happy” Bellia said to the students. He was able to further convey his message to Russell Sage Junior High students by sharing his and Euliano’s own experiences in the field. This included how they created a multi-million dollar company from nothing but their own ideas and passions for the industry.

Bellia and Euliano hope they were able to inspire the young students to someday create their own unique path for themselves by considering entrepreneurship. In today’s market, money seems to be such a big factor and a huge reason why a lot of young people don’t take chances on their innovative ideas and passions. Filippo Bellia and Justin Euliano have a story of truly starting from the bottom and creating something amazing from passion and a good idea. They both hope that their story can guide the way for younger generations to take a chance on themselves and to follow their dreams.

Big shout out and thanks to the Russell Sage Junior High School and their 2020 Career Day!

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