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Company Paintball Outing

Blink Voice had their corporate outing this summer on 15th June 2018.

To foster a productive workforce, what better way than to take them for a day out with their co-workers to play paintball. The employees, along with the entire management, went to High-Velocity Paintball.This serves as an elaborated activity that refreshes the employees and they look forward to the event year after year. Let’s admit it, who wouldn’t like chasing around the manager in the woods with a paintball gun in hand?

Why paintball?

Blink Voice chose to go for a paintball outing because it not only energizes the team, develop competitiveness and improve teamwork but also tends to break down all potential barriers amongst employees. The key to successful business is uninterrupted two-way communication and if employees are not friendly with each other, it gets hard to achieve organizational objectives proficiently.In a paintball game, regardless of the title of job that you hold, you are in the ground developing strategies and fostering collaboration to defeat the other team. Not to mention, the fellowship, memories and laughter serves in the best interest of the company’s overall goals.

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