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5 VoIP Features that Grow Business Success

What is VoIP, and why is it so essential to have in order to own a successful business? Well, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it is a type of communication technology that allows you to make phone/video calls anytime over Internet Protocol networks (I.e the internet). Since VoIP is hosted through the internet, it provides businesses with very reliable phone networks from cloud-based platforms.

VoIP solutions for businesses have become very popular, and arguably, even essential. According to the market research firm, In-Stat, about 79 percent of businesses use VoIP in at least one of their locations. So, why is VoIP becoming so increasingly popular, and how could it benefit your business?

VoIP phones, computers, headsets, and conference phones come with advanced technology features that make the everyday tasks of business run fast and easy. Below are 5 listed features that come available with VoIP solutions and how it could benefit your company.

  1. Call Forwarding Most small to medium sized businesses are not open 24 hours, seven days a week. VoIP offers a call forwarding solution by providing the ability to connect all of your personal devices to your corporate network, so you can send any phone calls to your personal phones, or convert phone messages into emails. Before VoIP solutions, calls that were made when a business was closed would be lost, especially if they didn’t leave a message. Never missing a call is essential when it comes to running a business in today’s competitive marketplace.

  2. Advanced DND (Do Not Disturb) This feature helps businesses to conduct meetings and conferences uninterrupted. Using this feature silences all ringing and notifications that a call is coming in. You also have the ability to send calls to voicemail, or transfer the call to another colleague with one press of a button. This VoIP solution is extremely popular and is used by businesses constantly, especially those that deal with clients on a daily basis.

  3. Video Conferencing Sick and tired of only being able to be at one place at one time? Well, with the Video Conferencing VoIP solution, you could video conference into a meeting that’s at a different location without having to leave your home office. Video chatting comes equipped on all VoIP phones that have a camera. Video Conferencing makes it a thousand times easier for businesses to communicate with clients that have a busy schedule, or who are located far away. Less traveling will also save your business a ton of money.

  4. Dedicated Cloud System Using a VoIP solution will improve co-worker collaboration greatly. Collaboration between all team members is usually an important factor for any successful business, which is why a VoIP solution is the answer. A Dedicated Cloud System allows team members to message each other securely and easily over the cloud. The cloud system also allows you to pull up phone settings on your computer. You can view voicemails and edit phone features, making business communication easy to manage.

  5. Remote Programming Before VoIP, updating a company's telecom software was a very tedious process. Every time a company grew, it required expensive and complicated hardware and software to be installed on-premise. A VoIP solution takes these problems away since it is based in a cloud. Now when your business grows, all you have to do is call your system provider, have them program the new phones remotely, have the new phones delivered to you, and all of your information is synced to the cloud and ready for use. It is no harder than setting up a new iPhone. This solution is so convenient and has saved growing companies’ thousands of dollars.

The VoIP industry has been growing rapidly as businesses are realizing the new technology is advancing them in their competitive industries. Make sure your business doesn’t get left behind. Upgrade to a VoIP phone system and watch your business thrive.

Blink Voice offers VoIP solutions, including all the features listed above plus more. Our VoIP solution, Cirrus by Blink Voice, incorporates all of the newest technology needed to make any business thrive. Make the change TODAY by filling out our upgrades form or visiting our savings calculator to see how much you could save.

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