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Pay Less on Business Communication Technology with Cirrus

As a professional service provider and telecommunications firm, we are always advancing our equipment and software to provide our clients with the latest technology. This new technology involves storing information into clouds over the internet, and is known as VoIP. If your company isn’t using a cloud-based system for office phones, then it isn’t utilizing the latest technology that helps millions of company’s thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. Also, you’re most likely paying too much money on the company’s phone bill.

It’s obvious that any successful business needs a phone system. Therefore, it’s easy for the phone providers to get comfortable and start tacking on unnecessary charges which can increase phone bills by hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Don’t believe it? Check your companies next phone bill for “maintenance fees”, “tax fees”, or “toll charges”. Mhm. Get a full phone bill audit and you’d be surprised how much money your company could be saving by switching to VoIP telephony.

 VoIP cloud systems are growing business success and saving companies thousands, so naturally we configured a secure cloud system for small, medium, and enterprise companies to utilize. Our cloud based system is called Cirrus by Blink Voice. Cirrus is great because it is technologically up to date as well as extremely affordable. 

Q: How is Cirrus guaranteed to be cheaper than non-VoIP phone systems?

  • A. Unlike traditional phone systems, Cirrus is hosted through the internet which is a separate service most companies pay for anyway. This means your company pays for the internet service and gets unlimited amounts of calls included. Also, all of the vital features needed to run a successful business are bundled together with Cirrus for just one overall cheap payment. This is unlike traditional phone systems where each feature has its own price and has to be paid separately which becomes extremely expensive and confusing. 

Q: What features come standard with a Cirrus system?

  • A. Listed below are all of the features that come standard with a Cirrus system.   Voicemail, Music on Hold, Visual Voicemail, Personalized Directory, Basic Auto Attendant, Park System, Paging, Call Forwarding, 3-way Conference Calling, Do Not Disturb, Call History, Caller ID, Basic Hunt Groups, Call Transfer 

Q: What does Cirrus by Blink Voice cost?

  • A. We want to save company’s as much money as they deserve, so we don’t price Cirrus at one standard wholesale rate. Since every business is a different size and requires different solutions, we tailor the price of Cirrus to fit the needs, wants, and budget of each company. There is no reason for a huge enterprise to pay almost the same for their cloud system as a small local business, which is what would happen if you went with any other telecom cloud service like RingCentral, Vonage Business, or 8X8. Our professional IT representatives can talk over the phone or schedule meetings in person to go over how much money Cirrus can save you based off what you currently pay and what your budget is. If you’re a new business starting up and need to buy Cirrus from scratch, our representatives can work with you to make sure the price is the most cost effective for the new business. 

Our goal is to transform the way telecommunication services are provided, as well as save companies as much money as possible. If you had the chance to save your company thousands of dollars with a simple and affordable switch, would you take it?


Take your chance!: Cirrus Savings Calculator

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