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Open Floor Offices Need Noise Cancelling Solutions For Improved Productivity

For the past 20 years, offices have been ditching the closed-off ‘cubicle style’ floor plans for the wide open floor plans with employees sharing long desks. Open floor plans for the workplace were created to try and better the communication between workers, while letting them bond, collaborate, and come up with great ideas. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, about 70% of offices have some sort of open floor plan.

Although a lot of employees may love the wide open floor plans at their jobs, we can all agree that it does get pretty noisy. The work office here at Blink Voice definitely does, as we have a huge sales team making multiple calls at the same time. So, how do we keep our wide open floor plan but still stay extremely productive

with no noisy distractions? We use, sell,

and service Sennheiser’s noise cancelling headphones.

Sennheiser is a brand that creates a whole line of different wired and wireless office headphones that

are perfect for all offices with open floor plans.

The headphones that we use at our office are the

MB 660 UC headphones, which are arguably the

best headphones for noise cancellation and

maximum productivity in the office. Sennheiser

also has a bunch of other noise cancelling office headphones like the MB 360 UC or the

SDW 5066. What is great about all these

headphones, is that there is an option for

‘noise cancellation’ so you can focus, and there is also an option for ‘open mic’ so you can keep the headphones on, but still hear and collab with your surrounding co-workers.

Along with wireless headphones, Sennheiser also creates a line of speaker phones that are perfect for amplifying and clearing phone calls that you want to take on speaker. Some of these speakers include the SP 30T speaker, SP 220 MS speaker, and the

SP 20 ML speaker.

We truly believe that all of these performance driven headphones and speaker phones are perfect for improving any and every kind of business. That is why we made sure to make ALL of Sennhesier’s office headphones and speaker phones available to our current and potential clients.

Upgrade your phones, your provider, or both and receive Sennheiser’s MB 660 UC headphones or SP 30T speaker phones as an add-on with Blink Voice. You can also add on any of Sennheiser's office equipment with the upgrade of your office phones through Blink Voice. Connecting the Sennheiser equipment to your office phones is incredibly easy and will improve your employee performance by cancelling out any and all distractions.

Upgrade your office with Blink Voice and utilize the Sennhesier technology we have made available to improve your business.

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