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10 Technology Trends for the Modern Office

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Technology is laced into every aspect of our modern society, including business. According to Gartner, the business technology market hit $4.5 trillion in annual spending for 2022. The rise in overall business technology spending also means the rise of individual business IT budgets. Studies compiled by Spiceworks show that 44% of businesses plan to increase tech spending in 2022, up from 38% in 2021!

You may be asking yourself; what are these businesses spending so much of their IT budget on? Well, 22% of a company’s IT budget is spent on End User Hardware such as desktops, laptops, printers, and mobile devices meant to modernize their offices. So, we’ve compiled a list down below of ten office technology trends that can transform your business into a modern digital gem!

5G Technology

5G is the fifth generation wireless technology for digital networks that is said to be smarter, faster, and more efficient than 4G. 5G started being deployed widely in 2019, and businesses seem to be jumping on the 5G-train. It is no wonder why two-thirds of large enterprises plan to deploy 5G technology by 2021. 5G technology works to ensure businesses are always connected to the fastest internet, which makes collaboration and communication much easier than it has been in past years. If you want to make sure your company has the fastest connection with the most productive tools to utilize, you’ll need to consider switching to fifth generation wireless technology.

Recognition Software

Companies take privacy very seriously, especially when finding new ways for employees to identify themselves. Entering multiple passwords for different websites to access information and even worse, remembering those passwords, are burdens of the past. Smartphones and certain laptop devices have already employed recognition software, including facial recognition and fingerprint I.D. Recognition software is now heading into the business world and being used in office settings. Your personal computer and certain programs can use convenient security measures like face recognition or touch I.D which makes your day at work easier and more secure. An example of office recognition software is Microsoft Windows Hello biometric sign-in. Recognition software will soon become the standard for secure office technology. The sooner your business employs this software, the more modern it will be.

Wireless Charging Offices

Wireless charging means you no longer need to plug a cable into your smartphone or tablet in order for it to charge. Wireless charging has been making its way into offices as it allows multiple employees to charge their devices without the mess of wires. Wireless charging requires a special mat to be installed. You simply place your smart device on the mat and the mat will charge it. These charging ports can be installed into work desks seamlessly and can be hidden for those who care about the aesthetic of their work desk. Wireless chargers can also be installed in bulk by companies like Chargespot, Chargifi, and Choetech. Wireless chargers will soon become the standard for modern offices so you may want to consider them for your business.

AI Earphone Translator

AI earphone translator software allows people of different languages to communicate easily with each other without the use of a human translator or a smartphone. These earbuds are designed to be worn by two people, so they can converse easily without any language barriers. You simply wear the earbud, select a language you would like translated and sync the earbuds to each other via bluetooth. The earbuds then translate your words in real-time and transfer them to the other person in the language you selected. These earbuds are great for business meetings with foreign clients, or even just to converse with co-workers in their native language. This new technology breaks language barriers and gives people the most reliable and convenient way to communicate. If your business requires communication with clients of all different languages, then you should consider an AI earphone translator. The TimeKettle WT2 Plus is currently the leading AI earphone translator software.

Visitor Management System

Visitor management systems (VMS) are extremely popular in 2022 as they save receptionists a lot of time to focus on other tasks. These systems track the amount of visitors you’ve had in your building while easily gathering their information and signing them in, if required. If you’ve recently visited a walk-in clinic and seen the iPad’s that take down your info and sign you in, then you are familiar with visitor management systems. They work by asking visitors specific questions and the visitor inputs or selects their answers on the iPad. Any modern office that has visitors will want to utilize a visitor management system and take the load off their receptionists. Popular VMS brands include iLobby, SwipedOn, Envoy, and Proxylick.

Office Automation Control System

An office automation control system is software that is used to digitally create, collect, store, manipulate, and relay office information necessary for performing office tasks. The basic activities of an office automation system include storing raw data, electronic transfers, and managing electronic business information. An office automation system puts everything on the same network in one platform, making it easier to delegate and track employee responsibilities. Although this may sound confusing, it is simply a software that can track tasks and communication on a single cloud-based platform. Office automation control systems are popular amongst new start-ups and enterprises looking to make their business a modern gem.

Multi-Device Keyboards

A multi-device keyboard is a special keyboard capable of docking and syncing to your laptop, tablet and smartphone -- simultaneously. This keyboard allows employees to answer texts, reply to emails, or even download an app all under one solution. A multi-device keyboard can help businesses stay easily connected on all platforms. If you wish to upgrade your office with this kind of technology, LogiTech has a wireless desk keyboard that will modernize your work space!

Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headsets

Although a lot of employees may love the wide open floor plans at their jobs, we can all agree that it does get pretty noisy. So, how do you keep a wide open floor plan but still stay extremely productive with no noisy distractions? Noise-cancelling headphones. These headphones are perfect for the types of work environments that we have in 2022. They help employees stay focused by drowning out the surrounding office noise. Noise-cancelling headphones are a modern solution to noisy work environments due to open floor plans. Sennheiser sells a whole line of noise-cancelling headphones, if you’re looking to drown out loud office noise.

3D Printer

3D printers have taken off for companies that sell any type of physical product. These printers are used for rapid prototyping, product customization, and size testing. 3D printers allow companies to literally create any product on demand, which is a huge necessity in today’s fast-pace marketplace. The possibilities for 3D printers are still being discovered everyday! Check out this list of 20 3D printing companies you should know about. Turn your business into a high-tech warehouse with a 3D printing solution.

Virtual Reality

Last but certainly not least, virtual reality. Innovative companies are using VR technology as a tool to streamline operations, improve employee experience and stand out to customers. A great example of VR being used for business is realtors using it for virtual walk-throughs or industrial sectors using VR for training purposes. Companies like Google, Samsung, Progressive Insurance, and even Oreo are all using VR technology! The possibilities of virtual reality are endless, so expect it to increase greatly within the marketplace. Use VR technology at your workplace and reap the benefits of which it has to offer.

Spending money on the latest office technology is being done globally by not only enterprises, but small businesses too. Younger generations who grew up with this technology are projected to take up a quarter of the workforce by the end of 2022, meaning if they use the tech at home, they won’t expect it to be any different at their workplace. Make sure to keep your office modern with these ten technology trends and your business will thrive in today’s competitive marketplace!

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