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What is the Best Telecom for Real Estate?

Real Estate is a unique business where nearly all of the work is done outside the office. This is why Real Estate businesses need to carefully consider their unique challenges when choosing their telecom solutions.

Continue reading to see how real estate offices will benefit from using a modern telecom Solution like Comet.


Your telecom system needs to be as mobile as your agents. A traditional telecom system will work in a traditional office setting where your business number is sent to your office phone lines. This solution works while you're in the office but not when you are at a showing or an open house. Traditional solutions like this frustrate customers if they can't reliably reach you and lead to them calling other offices in the area.

A modern telecom offering like Comet by Blinkvoice brings your telecom system with you wherever you are with applications for iPhone, Android, and desktop. With Comet, you can receive calls from your business line directly to your cellphone no matter where you are, giving customer's the flexibility they need while helping you fast track your deals.

Client Management

The next challenge many Real Estate offices face is keeping track of their large database of past, current, and potential clients they come in contact with every day. For example, an agent meets many interested buyers at an open house and takes down their contact information. The next day, the buyers decide to call into the office for more information before the agent is able to add them to the CRM. In this case, if the agent they talked to is busy other team members will have to ask the clients for what information they're looking for in order to assist them. Interactions like these portray a disorganized and unprofessional image to potential clients making them wary of doing business with your office.

A modern telecom solution like Comet is able to provide a seamless experience to your clients by creating a company-wide contact list. With Comet, whenever an agent meets any interested clients they can quickly add their information and notes about them to the Comet contact list just like they would on their phone contacts list. The big benefit of using the Comet contact list is that when a potential client calls in, anyone will be able to assist them quickly and efficiently. By keeping all your contacts in one place your office is able to assist clients quicker and better than ever before, while also providing a seamless professional experience.


VOIP Telecom offerings, like Comet, have shown to reduce business telecom costs by up to 60%. This is because a business using Comet doesn't have to pay expensive fees for using an in-house PBX or dedicated phone lines. Comet leverages the fact the today's offices have internet access and uses the internet service you already pay for to allow your office to make phone calls as well. This innovative technology not only makes your telecom expenses more affordable but also makes it more affordable to add or reduce the lines that you need. If you want to quickly see how much money you could be saving, head over to our savings calculator at blinkvoice.com/financing/savings-calculator and see for yourself.

Included Features

Lastly, one of the main benefits of using a modern telecom system is the great features that other telecom systems lack, but come standard with Comet.

Professional Video Calling: Video calls can be one of the greatest tools for growth in the Real Estate business. Video calling allows you to expand your business to clients that aren't in your direct area. By offering live video tours, your agents can now reach clients across the country and across the world that are interested in buying a property in your area without leaving their home. This feature is also useful for clients that prefer a remote tour of a property. By providing this service your office creates more leads and can close more deals

Instant Messaging: With the extensive amount of documents that are needed to buy or sell a home, most offices have to deal with the headache created by confusing email chains and lost attachments. Comet solves this problem by providing searchable instant messaging rooms and groups where agents, clients, and brokers can send documents in one collective space. Using messaging rooms has shown to streamline client communication while keeping document management easy.

This article has provided tips on what Real Estate businesses should look for when implementing a telecom solution. Like any agent knows, being mobile, maintaining good customer relationships, and being affordable are the keys to being successful in real estate. Comet is one of the only telecom solutions that provides the benefits of an expensive telecom carrier at a price that real estate offices can afford. If you are interested in seeing what Comet can do for you contact BlinkVoice at BlinkVoice.com or call 1-855-631-7848 to see how easy it can be.

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