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Why Businesses Are Saying Bye To Email And Hi To Text

Text messaging provides a 2-way personal conversation, and 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes. That kind of attention to marketing material is gold to businesses. Businesses are finally taking texting marketing seriously after seeing how much higher texting ROI can be compared to email or pay-per-click ROIs. In this article, we’re going to tell you all the ways you can leverage texting as a powerful medium for your business.

Why Texting Is So Powerful

These are the 3 main reasons why businesses should be doing more texting:

  • It's a total-contact marketing method

  • There are currently about 450 million smartphone users in the United States alone, and businesses must adapt to this marketing power.

  • According to the AMA, 60% of people regularly check texts while on the go.

Text marketing presents you with an incredible opportunity to reach out to your customers wherever they are at any time of the day, every day. The one thing that stops businesses from texting is the idea that you'll have to spend all day texting each client individually. Nowadays there are texting services that allow you to automate 90% of all your text marketing.

The Advantages of Text Messaging

The greatest advantage of text marketing over other methods of outbound marketing is the more personal way clients can engage with your business which keeps them more engaged with your brand. Sending a few texts per day and being available to the user in an instant has proven to be extremely beneficial for businesses.

Text are nearly guaranteed to be seen by the user the next time they check their messages.

When texting, it's important to establish a personal connection with your users. Instead of a canned response (e.g. “Please go to checkout now”), try an off the cuff, humorous or flirty one instead ("Checkout")

Text SMS in the Office

Apart from using your office SMS for marketing purposes there are also many features that allow you to improve your business internally.

If you’re any business that schedules appointments you can easily set up automatic reminders for clients. The app will automatically text your clients a certain number of days or weeks before their appointment. Create a client calendar that shows when and where your appointments will live. This enables clients and employees to never miss an appointment.

How to Get Started With Text Marketing

Over the last several years, we’ve heard many famous business experts declare the death of email and marketing in favor of marketing via text. If you haven’t invested in at least basic text marketing yet, you’re already behind. There are so many potential benefits to using text marketing, and you don’t have to be an expert in the field to benefit. Your text messages can not only help you grow your business, but they can help you to communicate better with your customers and better understand their needs. Contact Blink Voice today for a consultation on how to take your text marketing to another level.

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