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What is Cirrus IP PBX?

Cirrus is a new PBX created by BlinkVoice tailored to be flexible, scalable, and secure. Built from the ground up, it is an IP PBX which means maximum flexibility when compared to more traditional phone systems. Cirrus was also created to be user friendly by easily allowing configuration of the phone system through any web browser.

Scalable & Flexible

As an IP PBX Cirrus has many advantages. Unlike a traditional PBX, Cirrus is able to scale with any business with very little difficulty. There is no limit to the number of phones that can be added to a system. Provisioning and implementation of new phones into your system is user friendly and can handle any number of phones.

Unlike other phone systems, Cirrus is also able to automatically provision phones through Zero-Touch provisioning. When a business wants to add new phones into their phone system, all they have to do is plug them in and Cirrus will automatically configure the phones to that business’ predetermined settings.


Cirrus is frequently updated with the latest security updates to ensure no online threats can gain access to your phone system. Nationwide backups and server redundancy have been implemented to ensure minimal risk of losing any data. In the case of a catastrophic event at a business that causes power loss, Cirrus is able to restore all system information using the secure backups it makes across the country.

Cirrus is one of the few HIPAA compliant phone systems available today. This is especially important for legal and medical professionals that need to ensure that sensitive customer data is kept private and secure.

Unique Features

Apart from the core features that Cirrus was built on, additional capabilities can be implemented into your phone system to improve business communications. This allows for customization based on your tailored business needs.

Automated Attendant is an additional feature that can help any business reduce workload and increase call volume. The automated assistant will field calls from customers and provide basic business information. This will allow customers to receive the answers they need while easing the workload for office staff.

Advanced paging, parking, and conferencing capabilities can be added into any Cirrus PBX to improve interoffice communication. For businesses with multiple offices and departments, these advanced features allow offices to send calls between departments and set up groups to answer calls as fast as possible.

Cirrus PBX is the most advanced PBX available today. With a focus on what businesses really need it is a reliable way to connect your office, and businesses can further tailor Cirrus to their specific business needs at any time. If your business is ready to embrace the next generation of PBX go to blinkvoice.com or call (844) 215-9544 to see how much money you could save every month by switching.


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