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What is Crystal?

Crystal is a new voice network by BlinkVoice which provides crystal clear communication from your business to your customers. Crystal allows your business to customize your communication needs based on your industry and customer base.


Our crystal IP voice network was built for guaranteed reliability and quality voice. With millions of numbers on our network, our footprint covers more than 93% of the population. Our inbound and outbound voice capabilities allow businesses to thrive with a fully customizable solution.


Crystal is an easy and low-cost calling solution that allows for quality customer connections at an affordable price. This service allows you to keep the numbers you already manage, improve brand recognition, and expand your market reach. A toll-free number enables your business to track marketing effectiveness and increase sales by expanding market reach, and Crystal allows you to purchase, port, and manage toll-free numbers with ease.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking allows you to connect to carriers in more than 100 countries. Our SIP trunks allow you to eliminate costly PRI trunks and converge your local and long-distance calls onto a single circuit. Capacity is never an issue since crystal offers global reach using software-powered communication networks and our flexible pricing ensures you only pay for what you use.


Crystal is powered by our nationwide PTSN voice network which allows you to set and control call routing, recording calls, and connect to transcript service. You can easily embed programmable voice directly into your application, network, or product. Our crystal IP voice network was built for guaranteed reliability and voice quality.

If your business is ready to improve your business at an affordable price call Blinkvoice today at 1-855-631-7848 or by visiting To quickly see how much you could be saving visit our savings calculator at

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