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What is Comet?

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Comet is a new softphone solution created by BlinkVoice aimed at empowering business communications. Through Comet, any business can extend it’s communications to all its employees on any device. Expand your office communications to Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

A Comet Softphone gives companies the ability to have all the features and functions they love on their desk phones like Voicemail to Email, Conference Calling, and Call transferring. This is a solution many businesses benefit from and has shown to improve interoffice communication, as well as improving customer service.


Comet software takes advantage of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and enables an application to make phone calls from any device with an internet connection, even your desktop computer. Softphone applications are made for mobile and desktop devices and even work inside a web browser allowing much more flexibility than a traditional desk phone.

Company-Wide Contact List

A Softphone enables you to sync contacts with your whole business. This feature allows team members to quickly and conveniently share client information with each other.

Instant Messaging and Chat

Comet expands your communication capabilities by providing office instant messaging. With messaging, you can share files, videos, and documents with your whole team or a co-worker in one centralized channel. This method consolidates all important information in one application, and more convenient than having to check messages, emails, and links to find relevant information.

Simpler Call Transfer

Team members no longer have to manage a large list of company extensions in order to transfer calls. In order to make a call transfer, a team member only needs to find the co-worker’s profile they want to transfer to and drag and drop the call onto their profile photo. Comet makes the call transferring process an intuitive process and reduces the amount of training required for new employees.

Video Calls and Video Conferencing

Comet's included video calling capabilities are managed through the application. This enables your business to hold conference meetings from anywhere in the world, as well as being able to provide video calling for customer service and outreach.


Comet is affordable because it leverages the internet connection your business already has. Your business no longer needs to rely on a traditional phone service provider. By converting your office to Comet, you can reduce the number of physical phone lines in use, save money, and give your business the competitive advantage it needs. If your business is ready to embrace the next generation of PBX call Blinkvoice today at 1-855-631-7848 or by visiting Blinkvoice.com. To quickly see how much you could be saving visit our savings calculator at blinkvoice.com/financing/savings-calculator

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