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The Truth About Windstream Communications Acquiring Broadview

Customer reviews for Windstream are less than favorable, becoming the worst DSL provider, according to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

Windstream has tried to make promises to their customers in order to keep them around but is that enough? Right now, out of 347 reviews on Consumer Affairs, Windstream has just one star from customers. The VP for Windstream had this to say: “We’re asking our customers to be patient with us because we’re on it. We understand that they have issues and we’re working to upgrade their network.” However, this promise is not going to help everyone and while this is going on, there is still the attempt to integrate EarthLink.

Spawned from Alltel, which was developed in 1984, there was hope for Wind-stream when it was developed in 2006. The goal for Windstream was to take what they were going to be given and build onto it as well as gather the concepts and combine them into one amazing idea. Whether that would be plausible by acquisition time was a completely different story. Windstream cannot deliver what the customers are paying for; they are expecting 3.0mbps/month but get just .02mbps, leading consumers to start a petition on to attempt to get what they deserve and what they are paying for.

Windstream made another vital mistake when they ultimately chose to let their small business customers go, losing revenue and believing that they could only deal with customers bringing in $1250+. Broadview ended up with a net loss of around $384 million dollars, still have a lack of customers, and nothing in their business is to scale.

The acquisition of the bankrupt Broadview by Windstream in April of 2017 was a huge business deal for both companies; it was an extremely all-cash deal, worth approximately $227.5 million dollars. The question of constant acquisitions when they cannot even deliver their services properly right now is causing major concern but only time will tell whether Windstream can turn this disaster around or not.

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