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What is a DECT Phone?

DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology. It is a way for landline phones to operate wirelessly, allowing the user to take calls without having to be sitting at their desk. These phones are simple to use and simple to set up because there are only 2 components: the wireless phone and the base station. The base station is what connects to the landline and makes calls possible, and is also where the phone can be charged from.


Instead of being tied to your desk to make calls, a DECT phone enables you to be anywhere in the office and still be on the phone. Indoors DECT has a reach up to 130 feet, and outdoors up to 1000 feet. This gives you the freedom and security to know that no matter where you are you can answer important calls. If this range is not enough, or there are interference issues, DECT repeaters can be added in problem areas to maintain full wireless coverage.

Internal Calling (Office Paging)

Internal paging allows team members to communicate quickly and seamlessly in the office. This is why DECT phones are widely used in large corporations with offices that span multiple floors. For example, if a team member on the first floor needs to talk to a team member on the fifth floor but is away from an office phone, employees can use the wireless phones at important locations around the office to allow both co-workers to communicate. This service is also free because it is only using internal communications and not any external lines.

Multiple Locations

Another advantage of Wireless DECT phones is that they can be plugged into multiple locations seamlessly. By setting up base stations around the office, the wireless phone can be dropped off at whichever base station is closer and makes it available for other co-workers.


DECT works seamlessly with VoIP technology, giving you the freedom to make wireless calls at affordable rates. DECT VoIP calls use the same technology as a softphone, and both use the internet connection that is already available in your office to transmit your phone calls efficiently.

DECT phones give your office HD voice calling with wireless capabilities. Employees don’t have to be tied to their office phones to make sure they don’t miss a phone call and can communicate with co-workers around the office quickly and efficiently. If your business is ready to upgrade to a DECT phone go to or call (844) 215-9544 to see how much money you could save every month by switching.

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