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What is Call Forwarding? Use it to Grow Your Business

Ensure important calls never go unanswered with Call Forwarding.

Forward your office calls to your mobile phone

Call forwarding is a feature that allows you to route incoming calls from your office phone to any number you’d like. This great feature allows you to send office calls to your cell phone, route to employee numbers, or forward customer calls to entire phone groups. This service can be used with any type of phone: office phone, cell phone, and even softphone.

Benefits of Call Forwarding

Customer Service

Improve your customer service by forwarding calls directly to your customer service team

Sending calls to voicemail is extremely hurtful for your business. Prospective customers will shop around to other businesses when you don’t pick up, and current customers needing support will be frustrated if they have to leave a message. Forwarding calls fixes these problems by allowing you and your staff to answer phone calls whenever and wherever. Never miss out on a potential client by effortlessly having calls route to your mobile phone after business hours and never deal with a frustrated customer by forwarding calls to a group of phone numbers that ring simultaneously until one of your support members answers.


Improve your company brand by using a vanity number that forwards calls to the right department

Improve your company’s image and professionalism by only using one customer-facing number. This is especially important if your business has a vanity number you want customers to use. When customers call this number you can forward phone calls to the appropriate extension without them having to memorize different numbers for the different departments in your business.

Flexibility and Mobility

Forwarding calls gives the maximum amount of flexibility to work in the office or work from home

Whether you’re just stepping out of the office or managing a remote workforce, call forwarding provides your company with the flexibility to handle any situation. If you’re out of the office for lunch but do not want to miss any potential important calls, with conditional call forwarding you can rest assured that all calls you receive will be sent to your phone. Also, if you have employees that work in the office but also work remotely, you can easily configure their office extensions to forward calls to their cell phone on the days they work from home.

Configuring Call Forwarding

How to configure call forwarding easily through an app

Call forwarding implementation depends on your service provider, and you should contact your phone system provider for specific instructions. BlinkVoice makes call forwarding easy by providing smartphone and web applications to change call forwarding settings anytime, anywhere.

Call forwarding is a great addition to any business that’s proven to improve customer service and contribute to revenue growth. If you’re ready to take your business in the right direction call Blinkvoice today at 1-855-631-7848 or by visiting To quickly see how much you could be saving visit our savings calculator at

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